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About Aster Publications

‘Aster Publications’ is committed to providing an international arena for publishing high-quality research articles and to bringing the benefits of open access publishing to both authors and readers.

We are a dedicated open-access publisher committed to making scholarly research freely accessible to the global community. Our mission is to break down the barriers that prevent the dissemination of knowledge and to support the advancement of science, technology, and innovation.

With a team of experts in publishing, academia, and technology, we strive to publish high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles in a wide range of fields, including the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and more.

We believe that open access is a fundamental right of researchers, and we are dedicated to providing an efficient and affordable publishing platform for authors. Our rigorous peer-review process ensures that all published works meet the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and ethics.

In addition to traditional publishing formats, we also support the dissemination of research through innovative means, such as multimedia and interactive content. Our platform is designed to maximize discoverability and accessibility, making it easier for researchers and practitioners to find the information they need.

At our publisher, we are committed to supporting the scientific community and fostering the exchange of ideas. Join us in our mission to promote open access and advance the frontiers of knowledge.

Mission and Vsion

'Aster Publications' mission is to brings together worldwide researchers and scientists who are passionately committed to helping people appreciate the value of science and technology. Aster's online publishing platform provides free online access to the latest information of all advances made in any branch of scientific knowledge to eliminate all the barriers to the scientific community and facilitate wider dissemination and distribution of research all across the globe resulting in faster growth of new knowledge and increased impact of research.

'Aster Publications' vision is to become a leading open access publisher of unrestricted peer-reviewed research and hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest standards of service, reliability, and transparency.

Advantages of publishing with us

  • Unrestricted access to scientific research
  • High quality and meticulous peer review
  • Rapid and fair editorial decisions
  • Immediate publication
  • Increased visibility
  • Authors retain copyright
  • Increased readership
  • Promotion of quality research

















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