Article Publication Charges

To cover publication costs, Aster journals have very minimal Article Publication Charges (APC's),  only upon editorial acceptance of an article.

Journal of Ageing, Disability and Chronic Disease USD 480 USD 350 USD 280
Journal of Aquaculture and Environmental Impacts USD 350 USD 280 USD 190
Journal of Communication Disorders and Assistive Technology USD 500 USD 390 USD 270
Journal of Dental Sciences and Oral Hygiene USD 360 USD 290 USD 210
Journal of Developmental Sciences USD 430 USD 370 USD 210
Journal of Gynecology and Fertility USD 500 USD 380 USD 230
Journal of HIV/AIDS & Current Research USD 370 USD 250 USD 190
Aster Journal of Pathology USD 390 USD 320 USD 250
Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning USD 430 USD 365 USD 190
Journal of Nano Studies and Applications USD 430 USD 350 USD 250
Aster Journal of Neurosciences USD 450 USD 350 USD 250
Journal of Nutrition, Diet and Human Health USD 410 USD 370 USD 190


*Aster do not wish authors to be discriminated against if they are unable to pay article publication charges. We consider individual waiver requests or discounts in case of lack of funds.

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